Dr Paul Duller to present at the Digital Utilities Europe 2016 Conference

Dr Paul Duller, IM Consultancy Director will present at the Digital Utilities Europe 2016 Conference on the San Bruno case, the largest pipeline disaster in US history. His session will highlight the key issues and lessons to be learnt from this disaster and the potential pitfalls that can result from poor records management.

This case is probably the most high-profile records-management related prosecution in the energy sector, if not wider. Dr Paul Duller was instrumental in this investigation. Paul's reports written as an expert witness for CPUC, and the subsequent legal arguments surrounding them serve as an excellent case history illustrating the potential impact of poor recordkeeping and the risks that it brings. 

In 2015, Dr Duller received a special award from the Information and Records Management Society on behalf of the entire CPUC Investigation Team who's work led to the successful prosecution of PG&E for its role in the San Bruno Gas Pipeline Disaster.

ACI’s Digital Utilities Europe 2016 Conference will be held in London on 11-12 May 2016.

For full details of the event visit http://bit.ly/1WUxiw9.

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