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Creation of retention schedule and permanent archive

Creation of retention schedule and permanent archive

Client: Major Sporting Event.


Creation of retention schedule and permanent archive


The organisation of this international event was a huge undertaking and generated large volumes of documentation, records, media and other material, all of which needed appropriate organisation, storage and archiving.

The requirement

In the frenetic run up to the event over 800 full-time staff were employed, processing a mountain of paperwork on all aspects of the events activity. At the end of the event, the host City was left with over 5 kilometres of filing, 4 million e-mails and 2.5 million electronic documents. All of these records were to be addressed and decisions made on what was to be destroyed, retained for legal reasons or preserved in a permanent archive.

The solution

Information Matters™ records management advisors were asked to provide the strategic direction and extra personnel to expedite the effective close down of the event. To achieve this, Information Matters™ provided a special projects team to assist with the post-event sorting and cataloguing of paper records. In addition, an Information Matters™ records management consultant was appointed to coordinate the archiving and transfer of electronic events documentation and photo archive.

Information Matters™ had a number of objectives, the most important of which included:

  • to identify and safeguard important event related records.
  • to ensure that company records were retained to meet administrative, financial, auditing and legal obligations.
  • to build a permanent archive collection of physical and electronic records that documented the organisation, planning and delivery of the event and the associated Legacy Programme. The resulting information-rich collection was complemented by audio-visual materials and events related memorabilia, some of which were immediately displayed in a post sporting event touring exhibition.


  • Provided a rapid response projects team to support the sporting event.
  • Created the events archive and weeded out all the duplicated and unnecessary records.
  • Identified over 5,000 key documents that needed to be preserved and protected.
  • Produced an electronic information bank to support the Legacy Programme.
  • Developed a folder structure for key documentation to allow easier user access.

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